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Residential glass types

Laminated Glass - a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. Held in place by an interlayer, typically of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), between its two or more glass layers. When broken forms a spider web pattern preventing it from breaking up into large sharp pieces. The PVB interlayer also gives it a higher sound insulation and blocks 99% of transmitted UV light. Used in exterior storefronts, curtain walls, skylights and windows.

Tempered Glass - a toughened glass through the process of controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength in comparison to normal glass. Usually shatters into small fragments eliminating the danger of sharp edges. As a result of its safety and strength it's typically used for glass doors, table tops, bulletproof panels, staircase railings, partitions, balcony glass and shower doors.

Insulated Glass - formed by placing a spacer between two panes of glass in which the perimeter of the glass is sealed, allowing no movement of outside air into the space, thereby the trapped air between the two pieces of glass contributes to the overall insulating efficiency of the glass. Offered in tempered or regular glass, with or with out grids. Used for both residential and commercial construction. Also considered a mandatory energy conservation measure in many building codes.

Acrylic Glass (Plexiglass) - is made from a synthetic plastic material which makes it versatile with great impact strength yet is light weight and considered 10 times stronger than glass. Lending its self to be used for a variety of products: partitions, railings, displays and casing, shower stalls, storm windows, skylights, picture framing and various protective coverings.

Lexan (Polycarbonate) Glass - is not glass, but a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. That is transparent and temperature-resistant as well as supersedes all other thermoplastics in strength making it a highly impact/breakage resistant material useful in safety glass, and transmits light comparably to plain glass, so is commonly used to replace glass.

Plate Glass - Clear glass

Mirror - Image Reflective Glass

Pattern Glass - flutex, reed, frosted, rain, aquatex, and Niagara just to name a few.

Cast Glass - textured glass which comes in an array of patterns

Painted Glass - comes in a variety of colors. See Benjamin Moore website to choose colors & obtain color code.

Tinted Glass - comes in gray, bronze, green, & blue.

Residential glass services

- Insulated Glass

- Foggy glass replacement

- Window glass repair

- Door glass repair

- emergency board-up

- Safety Glass (Laminated/Tempered)

- Plexiglass and Lexan

- plate glass

- Mirror